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Natural Eating at Le Serre

Vetro is the right place to relax and refresh, a working and cultural space dedicated to those who live Le Serre. For coworkers, for children and their parents, for the people who take care of our vegetable garden or simply for those who want to take a break.

Info and reservations: prenotazioni@kilowatt.bo.it

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Working together at Le Serre

The coworking space at Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita: resident workstations, a room for events and workshops, a shared kitchen and a meeting room. But also a lot of space to share and to work outdoors. Coworking is a new way of understanding work, based on contamination and hybridization, prosperity and reconciliation between work and life. Kworking is a community incubator where projects are born and where collaborations flourish.

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Kw Baby

Growing up at Le Serre

Kilowatt Baby is an experimental educational service, realized inside our coworking space. KWBaby is a collaborative and innovative welfare project, designed to reconcile the needs of families for flexibility related to new jobs, with the educational rights, social relations and freedom of children. A replicable model co-designed with parents, educators, and with the patronage of the University of Bologna.

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KW Garten

The collective vegetable garden at Le Serre

Our garden is open to the city and is run by a community of volunteers; it is a space where traditional skills merge with innovation, where different ages and cultures meet to test innovative teaching models and to cultivate relationships. Kw gARTen’s approach comes from co-design and imagines a collective management of green public areas, in which art and emerging forms of creative expression become central to the socialization of the space.

Kw Gas

Ethical food shopping at Le Serre

The acronym GAS stands for Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale (Ethical Purchasing Group), a sustainable way to shop collectively, preferring healthy and organic food, with a short distribution chain. Our GAS is organized in collaboration with Simplyfood, the delivery takes place at Le Serre every two weeks: it is very simple to join this community!


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Gabbia del Leone

The shared space at Le Serre

Until the 80s this space was a small zoo that hosted two lions. Now – in the same place where animals once lived in captivity – a new space opens up to the community. The Gabbia del Leone (The Lion Cage) is a multipurpose room available to anyone for educational activities, presentations and workshops, with an outdoor terrace that overlooks Giardini Margherita.


Klogs Black Klogs Klogs Tooled Klogs Black Tooled Black Black Klogs Tooled Tooled Tooled Black Klogs Wellbeing and self-awareness at Le Serre

Coworking del Sé is a place for sharing, a multidisciplinary project incubator with a global approach towards the individual and the Community. Coworking del Sé wishes to build new wellbeing models based on the integration of disciplines, activities and projects related to the “care” for the human being, understood as “love” and “self-awareness”.

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Collaborative neighborhood services

At Le Serre we care about the citizens’ quality of life and we try to find new answers to your needs! That is why we want to design SaleZucchero with you: a system of collaborative neighborhood services available to the whole community

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Design and sound from outer space

CAPSULA is a urban market, where people can find a selection of design and music projects, which are linked by their innovative spirit
CAPSULA offers a choice of products which describe the most original approaches in the design field
CAPSULA, an unexpected market

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Sound Landscape at Le Serre


Le Serre’s sound is the result of a growing collaboration between Mint Sound, snark – space making and Mu Cultural Association.